Jordi Bertomeu: “No se jugarán partidos hasta como mínimo el 11 de abril”

por Roberto Anidos publicado en Euroleague Notas de prensa Euroleague

El máximo responsable de la EuroLeague ha publicado una carta a los fans en la que habla sobre la situación actual de la competición

Jordi Bertomeu habla sobre la situación de la competición, asegurando que no se jugarán partidos hasta el 11 de abril como mínimo, asegurando también que la intención es retomar la competición lo antes posible, y que solamente se volverán a jugar partidos cuando la salud de todos los implicados se pueda asegurar.

La carta al completo:

Dear Fans,

I want to thank all of you for the passion and commitment that you continue showing Euroleague Basketball in the most difficult situation we have lived in our 20-year history.

Since the very first moment when the COVID-19 virus arrived to Europe, we have taken this issue with the maximum seriousness and meticulously following the instructions of national and regional governments, as well as those of the relevant global authorities. This has led us to take unpopular decisions including playing games behind closed doors or relocating games that damaged our most precious treasure, the fans, and ultimately the escalation has forced us to temporarily suspend our competitions to protect participants and fans as well as to contribute to the efforts that our communities are making to fight the global pandemic altogether.

Our games will be suspended until at least April 11, 2020 and we remain committed to deliver an ending to what has been an outstanding season so far.

If the entire situation has brought anything good, it is more evidence that the Euroleague Basketball family is a unique community that everyone can feel very proud to belong to.

We will continue serving you with content from our competitions across and official social media platforms, where you will also find further updates on the COVID-19 situation. We will also work in close partnership with our rightsholders to entertain fans who find themselves in an unusual situation.

We hope that we can count a “win” as soon as possible and that the competitions can be resumed as soon as possible. Euroleague Basketball will continue monitoring the situation on a daily basis, as our Medical Officer works in partnership with public health experts to ensure that this occurs when the environment is safe to do so. Meanwhile, we encourage you to follow all precautionary measures that are recommended by your public health authorities and the World Health Organization to prevent the spread of the virus as much as possible.

Best regards,
Jordi Bertomeu
President & CEO
Euroleague Basketball