Speaking with one of the league’s revelations, speaking with Laurynas Birutis

With its 2.13, 23 years and the extensive experience that the Monbus Obradoiro has in promoting the careers of indoor players, it is not so surprising the impact of Birutis, if not how quickly it has achieved. Good results and a good situation to wait for a great year of the Lithuanian in Santiago. We talked to him and he told us his first feelings with Santiago and with the “OBRA”

First of all, I would like to thank you for granting me this interview. Congratulations for such a great beginning of the season, Laurynas.

This is your first experience playing in a foreign country and I would like to know how are you adapting yourself to this new city Santiago de Compostela?

Have you already visited any other place in Galicia? Everything is going pretty well. The city is small but you can find anything you need, you can find places to eat, good restaurants…

Have you noticed many differences in terms of culture in comparison with those you are used to in Šiauliai or Kaunas?

The people are so kind. You can see a person for the first time and he says hello to you. It is strange for us and here everybody does that. The “siesta” is the biggest difference (laughs). The restaurants and shops close at the “siesta” time. Spanish people eat very late too.

Have you already had time to find your favorite meal?

We can’t go to a lot of restaurants. We tried to order something in some places. We also try to do the most of the food at home. I’ve tasted “zamburiñas” and I think that’s the best thing!

The Monbus Obradoiro is a small basketball club, seen from the outside it seems to be very familiar. Are you feeling a special support from the team in comparison with other professional clubs?

Yes. The staff, the coaches, the players… we are like a big family. Everyone helps you with anything you need. I feel great here because of that.

I guess your teammates and you are a very close-knit group but, do you have any special ally among them? Maybe someone from the technical staff? Or shall I assume that it is Laurynas Beliauskas?

Everybody is so good. Laury is my roommate on the roadtrips so I spend more time with him. About the technical staff, I spend a lot of time with Víctor, watching videos, workouts…

Regarding sports What can I say? It is amazing the way in which you have acclimated yourself in such a hard league as it is the Endesa League, even during these uncertain times caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic. How does it feel to be weekly an aspirant to the MVP? Did you expect before the beginning of the season that you would start at such a high level and to become an essential part of your team?

I don’t think so much about being the MVP or not. I try to listen to the coaches, the teammates, and to learn from them. Hear what they say and try to do that. I try to do my best in every practice and in every game. About the MVP, it’s just the start of the season. I have to work more each day, with my teammates, to be a better player and a better team. This is what I am focused on. As I said, I just try to work on the practices as much as possible, and in every game to give it all, and what happens… happens!

You have many variables in the inner game, with many players contributing different skills. Taking into account your own skills, which players do you think you match the best with in your playing area?

I can’t make exceptions. I feel so comfortable playing with all my teammates. They know me and I know them, so we can find the best options to score.

Regarding your personal abilities as a player. What does Moncho expect about you in the court? In which aspects does he emphasize the most to take the best advantage of your virtues over your rivals?

When I signed here, Moncho didn’t tell me what I have to do or not. I only have to work on being better in the things that I can, learn more each day and help the team in everything it needs. I just need to improve in defense, in pick&roll and individual defense. I try to work on that.

Congratulations for your great job at the beginning of the season, I hope you are happy in this new stage of your professional career in Obradoiro. Thank you so much.

Foto: acb photo/A.Baúlde

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